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A Hip, Southern and Rooted brand of timeless music incorporated with the true pillars of HipHop, Style and Fashion!!! Guaranteed to inspire and uplift souls with truth, peace, and prosperity, to surely get many nations good vibe tribing under a spiritual groove ‼️‼️‼️

Who is Sir Gandhi?!

Mentally Thought Provoking & Fashionably Well Spoken!!!

Sir Gandhi's Merchandise!

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Sir Gandhi's Merchandise!

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Sir Gandhi's Merchandise!

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Sir Gandhi's Merchandise!

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Sir Gandhi's Merchandise!

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Making A Difference With The Vision!

As a dedicated Warrior For Life, with all the strength, love and compassion I'm armed with, I find it extremely important more then ever that we teach the meaning of selflessness and sacrificial love, of building up, rather then breaking down one another! With this platform, we will reestablish order and create a connected haven of Genuine Life Supporters & Family who embody and live that message WorldWide 🌍 💯💯🙏🏾💪🏾🙌🏾 - Sir Gandhi

OutKast, Goodie Mob... that’s the vibe you give me. Maybe because I’m use to hearing a DC accent and your voice is completely different. Different in a good way.

"Imani Malika on IG"

I love that video /song/ your rhymes/kids vibes/the whole concept Love it fam ! ! You are a God on The Earth💜💯

"Masevo1 on IG"


I just listened to Daddy love you both

And it's awesome

Carry on like this!!!

"Major_Mixing on IG"

You almost to Andre keep pushing I feel it my bro!!!! I’ve been manifesting that for you. lol every time I play your music people tell me you got a Andre vibe.

"Dj Dae Hav Mercy"